“We will interview several candidates for this position within the next 5 days only. Multiple positions are available. Interested parties should email their resumes to


The job is to provide program management and technical support to DHS Office of Health Affairs BioDefense and WMD functional programs. Details of four sub-programs are provided at the bottom of this job announcement (BioWatch, BWIC, RDCDS, NBIC). Experience in at least one is required. Services provided include project plans, risk analyses, assessments, testing, and emergency response in the case of threatening events.

Subject Matter Expert (mid to senior level) – Will provide agricultural or food and drug specialized expertise into our team’s overall effort to organize, coordinate, and oversee project management plans supporting WMD and Biodefense initiatives at DHS. Former experience at DHS is preferred. Past experience in BioDefense is required.


Best Value Technology, Inc. (BVTI) is an experienced government contracting company committed to providing technological innovation and "best value" solutions for the challenging issues faced by our federal government clients. BVTI is comprised of a diverse team that is drawn from a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds; bringing together a talented skill set for a dynamic approach to delivering cutting-edge products and services. The BVTI team has supported the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), National Security Agency (NSA), U.S. Army, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).



The BioWatch program provides 24/7/365 biological weapons threat detection and characterization of biodefense intelligence. The core requirements for the BioWatch program are derived from HSPD-10, Biodefense Strategy for the 21st Century, which provides a comprehensive framework for our Nation’s biodefense infrastructure. The BioWatch program is an early warning system that can rapidly detect trace amounts of pathogen-specific nucleic acid in the air whether intentionally released into or naturally present in the environment.


The BioWatch program also operates the Biological Warning and Incident Characterization (BWIC) system, which interprets warning signals from BioWatch and public health surveillance data using incident characterization tools (e.g., plume and epidemiological models) to quickly determine the potential impacts a release may have on the population.


The Rapidly Deployable Chemical Defense System (RDCDS) program maintains and deploys an air- and ground-based chemical detection capability for the defense of high security interest special events such as large assemblies in sports arenas or at outdoor celebrations. The detection element consists of a network of chemical, ground-based point detectors (CGPD) and a chemical airborne surveillance platform for 24/7 stand-off-detection capability.


The National Biosurveillance Integration Center (NBIC) is an integrated biosurveillance system partnering with Federal agencies, state and local governments and the private sector. As a logical evolvement of the NBIS (National Biosurveillance Integration System) and codified in Public Law (PL-110-53) on 3 August 2007, the NBIC provides early detection, characterization, and situational awareness of biological events of potential national significance by establishing a biologic common operating picture (BCOP) to depict a global biosurveillance environment and decision-making tools.


·      College Degree
·      U.S. Citizenship


We will interview several candidates for this position within the next 5 days only. Multiple positions are available. Interested parties should email their resumes to


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