Biomeme Collaborates with NIH-funded Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group to Evaluate Host Response Test, Differentiating Bacterial & Viral Infections to Combat AMR (

“ ... “AMR is a systemic and global problem of huge proportions against which progress has been stalled during COVID-19. Creating preventative approaches to promote prudent antimicrobial use through a OneHealth approach is imperative to addressing this global health issue,” said Vance Fowler, MD, MHS, Duke University and ARLG Co-Principal Investigator. ...”


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“ ... Why One Health Is the Future of Global Health

The One Health initiative does not just consider the health of the human race but also works toward a cohesive, harmonious coexistence between animals and every level of the environment and its ecosystems. This approach addresses complex health challenges that affect the human race, but also creates solutions for animals and the environment for sustainable health through all three pillars of global health.

This comprehensive approach recognizes it’s not just about humans, which is what makes it an essential concept for the future of global health.

Here is a breakdown of why the One Health concept will make a difference in the future of global health:

  1. Emerging infectious diseases
    Many of the most significant public health threats in recent years, such as Ebola, Zika, and COVID-19, have emerged from animal populations. One Health recognizes that the health of animals is connected to human health and that it is essential to address the underlying environmental and ecological factors that contribute to such outbreaks.
  2. Antibiotic resistance
    Antibiotic resistance is a growing public health threat caused in part by the overuse of antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine, as well as livestock farming. Cross-spectrum approaches driven by the One Health concept will be crucial to stemming these medical practices that drive the emergence and spread of resistant bacteria.
  3. Environmental health
    Major economic challenges like climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction have significant impacts on the health of both humans and animals across the globe. One Health recognizes the importance of protecting and preserving the environment for the health and well-being of all living things.
  4. Interdisciplinary collaboration
    One Health emphasizes collaboration and cooperation across different sectors and disciplines, including public health, veterinary medicine, ecology, and environmental science. This approach recognizes that addressing complex health challenges requires the expertise and perspectives of a range of different fields, working in partnership to solve common goals. ...”