July 30, 2009


Breaking News: World Rabies Day Challenge to Climb Mt Snowdon!!!


Raising Funds for World Rabies Alliance


Dear Friends and Colleagues:


The Alliance has just received word that two groups within the Veterinary Laboratories Agency in Weybridge U.K. have thrown down the gauntlet , as it were, in an exciting challenge to climb Mt Snowdon in observance of World Rabies Day 2009 (


In case you did not know it, Mt Snowdon (located in Wales) is where Sir Edmund Hillary trained for his historic climb to the top of Mount Everest. The Alliance has information that two teams are going to attempt to retrace Sir Hillary’s tracks (on Mt Snowdon not Mt Everest) to raise money to support the global rabies prevention efforts of the Alliance.


We have also heard one of the teams is being led by Dr Tony Fooks ( while the other team seems to be made up of a mysterious group of very physically fit challengers ( that hope to raise more money and beat Dr Fooks and his team to the summit!


We urge you to go to join the fun and donate to your favorite team!  We will be following the progress of both teams and the winners will be announced in our Newsletter as well as at the upcoming Rabies in the Americas meeting!



The World Rabies Day Team