How can a One Health approach improve global health security? ... the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), Chatham House and PANDORA-ID-NET, ...

How can a One Health approach improve global health security?

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated a clear need for revitalized efforts to prevent and better prepare for future global health emergencies. Recognizing the urgency for new approaches to Global Health Security, The Lancet is releasing a four-paper series in January 2023, examining critical issues of a One Health approach.

One Health is a unifying approach that aims to balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems. The approach has gained significant momentum because of its potential to strengthen global health security and has been adopted by international agencies and national governments around the world to work across sectors and deliver integrated and potentially transformative solutions.

This event, co-organized by The Lancet, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), Chatham House and PANDORA-ID-NET, examines the key questions and findings presented in the series and situate the themes within a rapidly evolving broader global context.

Key questions to consider: How can a One Health approach improve global health security across a range of health hazards? What are the partnership structures, geographic distributions, resources and representativeness of One Health networks and collaborations and do these adhere to One Health principles? What are the existing capacity assessment frameworks for global health security and how can these be improved through a One Health approach? What is the global institutional architecture and governance framework at the interface of human-animal-environment health and what are the implications for global health security?