Colombian Non-profit Organization Endorses ‘One Health’


November 19, 2008


Attentively and according to information available on One Health 

Initiative Web page, I am attaching the requested information to be a 

Supporter Organization.


The Corporación RedSPVet_, Red de Salud Pública Veterinaria

(Veterinary  Public health Network, RedSPVet),is a non Profit

Organization, that associates Veterinary Public Health professionals

in Colombia and Latin  America and which develops projects of

intervention, investigation and  education in Veterinary Public

Health, Animal and Environmental Health in Colombian territory and internationally.


We will be very pride in contributing to the development of the

concept and to leading this offer in our country and in Latin America.


Thank you very much for your attention,




José Miguel Acosta Barbosa, M.V.


Corporación RedSPVet

Red de Salud Pública Veterinaria

Bogota, Colombia




Boletín SPV: [LINK:]