The University of Arizona is getting millions in state funding to develop the program. The first task is communicating what it is.

“Starting this year, the University of Arizona (UA) will receive $3.6 million in state funding annually until 2025 to grow its One Health model—which considers the correlation of human health to environment and animal health—and promote its development in the workforce.

The effort is part of Arizona’s New Economy Initiative that will expand hiring opportunities and support new class development at the university. Educating people about One Health was pushed for years by faculty in the College of Public Health, and the university has finally been recognized to have some of the most equipped and eager professionals to drive its research and education.

One Health is a comprehensive approach that stems from the understanding that human health and well-being is deeply interconnected with animal and environmental health and well-being. It requires data, communication and cooperation from many different business sectors, even outside of the public health sciences. ...”