Humans have experienced a long-lasting pandemic of COVID-19 going on since the year 2020. Such events have recently increased the demand for a competent disease outbreak response system, more precisely, a One Health platform. The interaction between humans, animals, and ecosystems is inevitable. It is a known fact that the interface between these three entities is important for survival. In rural areas, especially in developing countries, it is a common practice to keep the animal shed in close proximity to their homes. Further, this intricate relationship itself plays a role in the spread and transmission of the disease. The involvement of the human-animal interface in emerging and re-emerging diseases has caused havoc in recent times and might prove challenging to overcome. Over the years, many efforts have been made on international and national platforms to adopt and implement a transdisciplinary, collaborative, intersectoral approach in India. This review highlights the major initiatives taken for the implementation of one health and the challenges faced over the years in our country.

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