HEALTHCARE The Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Local Development participated in preparing the document,

Egypt launches One Health National Strategic Framework 2023-2027 (


“... According to the Health Ministry, the One Health approach recognizes the close connection between human, animal and environmental health, and aims for joint action between these sectors to achieve better health outcomes that can effectively contribute to preventing, predicting and responding to global health threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abdel Ghaffar said that activating the “One Health Approach” has become an urgent necessity at all national, regional and global levels, in order to ensure the provision of a healthy, safe and dignified life for humans, along with preserving the health of animals and the environment. He added that Egypt has endeavoured to provide all means and mechanisms of support to help push towards activating the concept of one health, during the COP27.  ...”

Antimicrobial Resistance – "One Health" Approach - Healthcare - Ecuador - Mondaq

The purpose of antimicrobial drugs is to combat diseases that can be of bacterial, viral and parasitic origin. But when they are misused or ...