MULT501-0920: Conservation Medicine and One Health.


Course Information:
The primary purpose of this course is to provide a basic to intermediate understanding of the concepts of Conservation Medicine and One Health. Conservation Medicine evolved as a multidisciplinary science to address the anthropogenic impacts on wildlife and ecosystems. Because humans are embedded in these ecosystems, our health is tied to the health of wildlife and our shared environments. This course will focus on reviewing the “big themes” of Conservation Medicine and One Health and provide updates on current topics. Veterinarians from all arenas should be aware of these topics to educate the general public, to be prepared when, for example, new pathogens emerge, to promote appropriate conservation behaviors and to engage in this discipline, either as a practitioner or researcher. Most of the course will be taught by utilizing specific examples to illustrate the general theories and concepts of this transdisciplinary science.

Event Start Date: September 8, 2020