Experts Discuss Early Findings on One Health Approach for Central Asia | Mirage News


“... The report shows that One Health approach is cost-effective for countries and the region. According to a World Bank analysis, annual investments of $1.9 to $3.4 billion in One Health systems (based on disease prevalence) by the international community can generate a 44-71 percent annual expected rate of return and prevent mild pandemics by half or entirely. ...”

An overview of the French antibiotic resistance surveillance system in the human, animal, and environmental sectors (



Overall, the study findings highlighted an initial step towards One Health ABR surveillance. Despite being resourceful and reproducible, the system was complicated and lacked sufficient data integration across various sectors.

Areas such as overseas territories, environmental surveillance, ABR among wild animals, and antibiotic usage among companion animals were inadequately covered, whereas, among humans, five programs targeted ABR in health facilities.”