First of its Kind Coalition Sees Health Industry, Professional Bodies and Experts Come Together to Holistically Tackle ‘Hidden Pandemic’ of Antibiotic Resistant Infections (utilizing a One Health approach)


“... "We must collectively take the lessons from COVID-19 and ‘build back better’, by improving diagnostics and the pace at which interventions are implemented to ensure that we are armed and ready for future infectious epidemics and pandemics. No one sector can achieve this single-handedly! This is why Pfizer UK, in collaboration with partners in diagnostic, MedTech and microbiology companies, is committed and delighted to have had the opportunity to input into this White Paper and its recommendations, which aims to align with Government and importantly, truly advocate for a ‘One Health’ multi-sectoral approach to pandemic and emergency preparedness and infections management," comments Kypros Menicou, Senior Policy & Public Affairs Manager, Pfizer UK and Dr Tom Ashfield, Senior Medical Affairs Advisor- Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship, Pfizer UK. ...”

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