The COVID pandemic has raised more awareness of how closely our health is interconnected with animals and the environment, the chief scientist of EU’s Food Safety Agency (EFSA) told EURACTIV.

Last week, we sat with Marta Hugas, who is leading the scientific team at EFSA, for an exclusive interview for EURACTIV’s Health Brief.

We spoke about lessons learnt from COVID-19 (of course) and about the One Health concept – which is particularly dear to the European Commission.

“[After COVID,] it’s more clear that health threats are complex and cannot be adequately addressed by individual disciplines or experts acting alone,” she said.

For this reason, the One Health approach could take advantage of this renewed interest in holistic remedies to cope with public health risks.

Asked to better describe this concept, she said that there is no such univocal definition of One Health.

“There are many different formulation but it’s basically the concept behind that matters: it’s a comprehensive approach.” ...”