Horizon International of Yale University (USA) Endorses One Health


On April 24, 2013, Janine M. H. Selendy, Chairman, President, and Publisher of Horizon International, Yale University, Department of Biology, Box 208103, New Haven, CT 06520-8103 (USA) sent the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team an important and welcomed One Health endorsement message.



 On behalf of Horizon International I am writing to express our enthusiastic support for the valuable One Health Initiative (OHI) and Horizon’s willingness to do what it can to help advance the OHI objective to bring about the synergy achievable with interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment. 



 As is so well expressed on the OHI Web site, such synergy will “advance health care for the 21st century and beyond by accelerating biomedical research discoveries, enhancing public health efficacy, expeditiously expanding the scientific knowledge base, and improving medical education and clinical care.”



 Dr. Lora E Fleming, Professor and Director, European Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter Medical School, who introduced me to Drs. Lisa Conti and Peter Rabinowitz of the One Health Initiative, is personally aware of Horizon International’s shared commitment to the goals of OHI, of sharing interconnected knowledge. She is co-author of the chapter, “Naturally Occurring Water Pollutants,” in Horizon International’s own book, Water and Sanitation Related Diseases and the Environment: Challenges, Interventions, and Preventive Measures. Several other contributors to the OHI and to the valuable One Health book for clinicians and public health professionals, Human-Animal Medicine, are also among our book’s authors including Drs. Lorraine Backer and Michelle Barry.



 Horizon International will be honored to be added to the list of more than 700 prominent scientists, physicians and veterinarians worldwide who have endorsed the initiative and to be part of the One Health Initiative “movement to forge co-equal, all inclusive collaborations between physicians, osteopaths, veterinarians, dentists, nurses and other scientific-health and environmentally related disciplines.” ...”

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