Important One Health Endorsement ...





One World, One Medicine: SJD is on board!


In a rapidly changing world, the only initiatives which make sense and could actually make a difference are the ones promoting a multidisciplinary approach. The Society of Junior Doctors is a scientific association based in Greece aiming to promote research, education and disseminate knowledge. One of its constitutional goals is the promotion of communication and solidarity with other societies with related goals.


We only recently discovered the One Health Initiative. But it was… respect at first sight! Driven not only by our fundamental beliefs, but also by our recent research on the ancient zoonotic epidemic of the Plague of Thebes, we can appreciate the mission and the vision of One Health.


Our planet faces significant challenges and it takes visionary scientists to embrace the defending of health and well-being of all species. The, once perhaps sophisticated, concept of the integration of human medicine, veterinary medicine and environmental science, nowadays seems strikingly meaningful.


Under our medical perspective, emerging and reemerging zoonotic diseases are one of the biggest threats of contemporary public health. Especially as many, mostly rural, areas seem unprotected. The lessons of the past show that zoonotic outbreaks have caused a considerable burden on mortality and society, and our modern understanding can help preventing history from repeating.


We here at the Society of Junior Doctors are embracing the mission of the One Health Initiative, finding among our members, including doctors of both human and veterinary medicine, the necessary step to promote One Health’s vision. Contemporary world calls for efficient social networking within the context of globalization; Think globally, act locally!



On behalf of the Society of Junior Doctors,

Konstantinos P. Economopoulos, MD

Antonis A. Kousoulis, MD

Aspasia Oikonomopoulou, DVM, MRCVS


[Please see original document provided to One Health Initiative website/team January 12, 2012 at]