“... “Future physicians will be at the forefront of dealing with the interconnectedness of the environment and human health. Plausible cases like this one help students explore how real people in real communities are impacted,” said Dr. Grace Park, the director of CI MED’s Health Systems Science thread. Park led an interdisciplinary team that developed and piloted a learning module focusing on climate change impacts with input from a community health partner.  The learning module is unique because students in various health-related disciplines and colleges – from medicine to veterinary medicine to public health – worked together to examine how climate change affects health across species and ecosystems and then offered possible solutions. ...”

“... Faculty designers built the course using the Center for Disease Control’s One Health framework, which addresses issues like climate change, environmental contamination, neglected tropical diseases, vector-borne diseases, antimicrobial resistancefood safety and food security, and other health threats shared by people, animals, and the environment. The exercise was piloted with students in March of 2022 as an optional learning activity. Since then, the case has been incorporated into the first-year curriculum for both medical and veterinary medicine students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. It is also included in the environmental health core course for UIUC Master of Public Health students to meet a required competency in the One Health framework. This past spring, this activity hosted over 200 students. ...”

SEE: Innovative Teaching Tackles Climate Change and Health | Carle Illinois College of Medicine | UIUC


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