Joint G20 Finance and Health Ministers Meeting Communiqué

“ ... We are determined to advance pandemic, prevention, preparedness and response, as well as to prepare the way for stronger post-pandemic recovery, in line with the comprehensive One Health approach, taking into account work of the Tripartite and UN Environment Programme and their newly established One Health High Level Expert Panel, and with previous G20 commitments to tackle antimicrobial resistance. ... Based on the principles above and building on the work of the G20 Informal Group of Finance and Health Experts, we establish a G20 Joint Finance-Health Task Force (the Task Force) aimed at enhancing dialogue and global cooperation on issues relating to pandemic PPR, promoting the exchange of experiences and best practices, developing coordination arrangements between Finance and Health Ministries, promoting collective action, assessing and addressing health emergencies with cross-border impact, and encouraging effective stewardship of resources for pandemic PPR, while adopting a One Health approach.”

NOTE: A most welcomed statement as probably being the strongest commitment to One Health made by global leaders representing virtually all developing and developed countries, and multilateral institutions.  Further, it takes on even greater importance as it precedes the COP26 meeting on the environment.  As we know, animal/human/ ecosystem health is a critical element in these discussions.  The challenge will now be to see that the “determination to advance… in line with the comprehensive One Health approach” is followed up with prompt, decisive actions towards worldwide implementation.

Richard Seifman, JD, MBA – Member, One Health Initiative Advisory Board and former U.S. Executive Director to the International Fund for Agricultural development.