Kansas State University (USA) Takes Over Production of One Health Newsletter

After nearly nine years of highly successful publications with contacts worldwide, the One Health Newsletter (OHNL) is being transferred to the auspices of the Kansas State University.

The One Health Newsletter was initiated in 2008 by the Florida Department of Health (USA) and published through the winter of 2014  It was then transitioned to the University of Florida (Emerging Pathogens Institute) which published until 2017 [provided courtesy Mary M. Merrill, MHS, former University of Florida OHNL co-editor].

 “The One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team proudly collaborated with both former outstanding One Health Newsletter publishers and is delighted to continue associating with our longstanding friends and notable One Health colleagues at K-State”, said Dr. Bruce Kaplan, Contents Manager/Editor One Health Initiative Website Co-Founder One Health Initiative team/website.

Kansas State University faculty, staff, and students plan to feature current issues and innovations in One Heath in each edition, which will include 3-5 stories that will provide professionals and students a go-to source Of One Health news.

The development of each edition will be guided by a faculty editorial board at Kansas State University including Dr. Paige Adams, Dr. Jean-Paul Gonzalez, and Dr. Ellyn Mulcahy. Colleagues from the University of California Davis, and Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), will also participate in the editorial process, with input from invited contributors. Students at these universities will then search for and develop current and late-breaking content based on the guidance of the editorial board and contributors. The goal is share diverse perspectives on all topics, staying true to the One Health mission.

Ms. Rachel Reichenberger, program co-ordinator at the College of Veterinary Medicine, explains the K-State approach “There is so much information released every day in relation to One Health. With this newsletter, we plan to harness student interest as a way to scan for and highlight emerging problems and creative solutions around the globe.”

‘Global events such as Zika virus transmission, childhood obesity, record-breaking flooding, and antibiotic resistance clearly indicate that challenges impacting human health are not confined to one locale or a single species. Our students will learn, through interdisciplinary and interprofessional training, that one health issues must be addressed with transboundary and translational solutions.’ Says Dr. Ellyn Mulcahy, Associate Professor and Director of the MPH program at K-State.

The first Kansas State University developed edition of the One Health Newsletter is scheduled to be released in October 2017, in advance of International One Health Day on November 3rd. Contributions from professionals around the globe are welcome. Please send all story contribution ideas to


Official notice provided to the One Health Initiative website September 15, 2017 by:

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Project Administrator

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