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Maasai Vets [veterinarians] Carry Out Disease Surveillance of 86,000 Animals With Google Mobile Phones

05 August 2010

"Mobile phones enable vets to upload information about diseases and vaccinations (shown by the coloured markers) to a project website. Credit: EpiCollect

Maasai vets in East Africa are using mobile phones to monitor diseases including anthrax and rabies as part of a partnership involving London-based academics. The Google mobile phones are helping to record how diseases are spreading in order to bolster preventative action, including vaccination campaigns. The new project in rural Kenya is led by the charity Vetaid and is backed by Google UK, which has donated 23 G1 Android devices to the surveillance effort. Data relating to more than 86,000 animals from 1,600 farms has already been logged via the mobile phones in the last month." ...


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