National Academies of Practice (NAP) Elects First Veterinarian as President


Press Release submitted to One Health Initiative website August 17, 2013


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Alice Villalobos, DVM, FNAP   cell 310-261-1015

Note: Dr. Villalobos is Chair, Veterinary Academy, National Academies of Practice (NAP)




Kimberly Korbel, Executive Director

National Academies of Practice (NAP)

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Alexandria, VA 22314
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Dr. John Herbold, a notable One Health supporter/advocate known for his leadership and outstanding work in epidemiology, public health and animal welfare, is the first veterinarian to serve as President of the National Academies of Practice (NAP), founded in 1981. 

NAP is a non-profit organization with the goal of multidisciplinary health care experts jointly advising governmental agencies on matters concerning the structure and function of the nation’s health care system and delivery.  Dr. Herbold’s term is focused on the aging of the baby boomer generation and related health care issues.  


NAP works collectively via the well-established scientific paradigm of multiple partnerships to generate successful white papers that are multidisciplinary in understanding problems as they interact within society and the environment from a broader and more collaborative outlook such as the One Health philosophy.  There are 12 professional Academies that include: medicine, nursing, dentistry, optometry, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, podiatric medicine, psychology, social work, speech pathology, audiology and veterinary medicine. NAP will embrace new Academies as they arise.


The 12 professional Academies collectively create information about interdisciplinary topics in health care for the U.S. Congress, health care planners, and other public agencies.  Ongoing dialogues reach consensus during interprofessional health care policy forums, which generate white papers on various health topics aspiring to the One Health model. The National Academies of Practice’s belief and action system revolves around the premises that all Americans should have affordable quality health care, beginning with preventive medicine and extending through all of the physical, behavioral, and social aspects of human health. 


The Journal of Interprofessional Health Care is the official publication of the NAP, and is another source of communication to the health care community and the general public.  The Journal Editor-in-Chief is Anthony E. Puente, PhD, University of North Carolina at Wilmingon.  Dr. Puente is joined by Associate Editors Mary E. Costanza, MA, MD, University of Massachusetts Medical School and the current NAP president, Dr. Herbold, San Antonio, Texas (USA).


As President of NAP, Dr. Herbold and the Veterinary Academy have helped firmly establish the valuable role that veterinary medicine has played and continues to play in the advancement of human health endeavors. The expertise available via veterinary medicine includes: research and discovery, bioterrorism, disaster preparedness, zoonoses, community health, food animal production, agriculture, the human-animal bond in society (which encompasses the impact and benefit of companion animal ownership and related issues), wildlife and the innate importance of water conservation and the environment.