National Forum of Comparative Medicine in Romania Endorses One Health Concept

February 24, 2015—On behalf of the National Forum of Comparative Medicine in Romania, Professor Dr. Nicolae Manolescu sent the following official One Health endorsement message to the One Health Initiative team:




BUCHAREST,. Stefan cel Mare Avenue, no. 19-21, District 2, Tel/: Fax +4 021/ 311 53 (82) (80)


February 24, 2015


The National Forum of Comparative Medicine

The Vice President’s Office


To: One Health Initiative team, USA

Esteemed colleagues,

Thank you first of all for the good intentions you have shown towards our lucrative structures regarding the One Health concept, as to accept our endorsement letter. We highly appreciate your activity that has a major impact for the entire international community.

Within the globalization concept, medicine could not have represented an exception. It can only be a part of it and at the same time, the exceptional ambassador for it is the One Health concept.

We are determined to stand by your side not only from an endorsement point of view but also in a practical manner, due to the fact that our 50 years old activity in comparative medicine enables us to provide extremely useful aspects. 

Presently, we have planned by the end of 2015 to accomplish two essential points for the One Health concept:

1.      Environmental Medicine;

2.      Launching the educational bilingual (Romanian and English) courses of the Post Graduate School of Comparative Medicine, where alongside Romanian resident-like participants, we hope to attract foreign resident-like participants, from all of the professions that comprise the One Health concept: physicians, veterinarians, biologists, chemists, etc.

We hope that you will consider requesting our support in all of that is One Health.

With high consideration,

Professor MANOLESCU Nicolae,

Vice President of the National Forum of Comparative Medicine in Romania

Member of the National Academy of Medicine of France

Member of the New York Academy, U.S.A.

President of the Comparative Medicine Commission of the Romanian Academy

Head of the department of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Medicine – Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Vice-President of the Mediterranean Forum for the Comparative Oncology - Italy

Honorary member of the Associazione Italiana Veterinary Piccoli Animali

F.A.O. – U.N. expert for the Romanian Government

President of the Scientific Board of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority – Romania


Professor Manolescu and the National Forum of Comparative Medicine in Romania are included on the One Health Initiative Supporters list (scroll down).  In addition One Health comments by Professor Manolescu were previously posted on the One Health Initiative website’s NEWS page February 11, 2015.