New President of American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Endorses One Health


August 10, 2016...

“The concept of One Health has been described for millennia – from Hippocrates’ writings circa 400 B.C. to the AVMA website you can read today. Even with the passage of thousands of years, though, certain One Health principles remain constant: As human populations expand geographically, contact between human and domestic and wild animal habitats increases, introducing the risk of exposure of all three populations to new viruses, bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens. One Health, however, addresses not only concerns about diseases that can be communicated between people and animals, but also lifestyle issues (e.g., diet, exercise, impacts of different types of human-animal relationships) and environmental exposures that may affect both. And, as people and animals continue to rely on planet Earth for their sustenance and survival, the impact we have on our environment also increases along the way. This interconnection is why the practice of One Health is so critically important for each of us, particularly those in the medical and public health fields. The AVMA remains engaged in and an advocate for One Health. That cannot change. As veterinarians, we recognize and uphold our duty to promote the health of all species and the varied places in which they live. As an association, the AVMA is committed to helping advance the awareness and understanding of the interdependency of the health of humans and animals and the environments we share. We are committed to One Health.” 

Dr. Thomas F. Meyer [MS, DVM]

2016-2017 AVMA President