Media release Washington, D.C. 14 April 2023

An arrangement between the Pan American Health Organization, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, and United States Department for Health and Human Services seeks to establish a more collaborative approach to strengthening health systems and services across regions.  


The partnership will cement collaboration across a range of areas, including:

  • strengthening global health architecture to make it fit-for-purpose;
  • strengthening emergency preparedness, including pandemic preparedness;
  • enhancing vaccine manufacturing through public-private partnerships;
  • tackling misinformation and disinformation related to health and health care;
  • supporting the health workforce through integration and training;
  • supporting the health of indigenous populations;
  • embedding the ‘One Health’ principle into policy-making across countries and regions;
  • enhancing detection of and response to antimicrobial resistance;
  • strengthening surveillance for pathogens of concern; and
  • coordinating refugee and migrant health, including strengthening border health systems. ... “