United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA-FSIS)

Washington, D.C.  20250        

July 8, 2010

Subject:   Notice on Vacancies on the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods     

We are working to recruit new members for the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods (NACMCF).  The Committee provides scientific advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Health and Human Services concerning the development of microbiological criteria by which the safety and wholesomeness of food can be assessed. 

We are seeking members with scientific expertise in the fields of epidemiology, food technology, microbiology (food, clinical, and predictive), toxicology, chemistry, risk assessment, infectious disease, biostatistics, and other related sciences. Please see the attached Federal Register Notice for additional details on this Committee and how to apply.

 Please share this notice with others who may have an interest.    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. .

Thank you,

Gerri M. Ransom
Director, Executive Secretariat
National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods
USDA-FSIS, Office of Public Health Science
Room 354 Aerospace (Mail Drop Room 333)

Phone: 202-690-6600
Fax: 202-690-6364

Karen Thomas-Sharp

Advisory Committee Specialist


Room 333, Aerospace Center

1400 Independence Ave., SW

Washington, DC  20250-3700

Phone:  202-690-6620

Fax:    202-690-6634