November 11-17, 2010

United States Animal Health Association (USAHA)
114th Annual Meeting - Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)

American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD)
53rd Annual Conference

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One Health - 2010 AAVLD/USAHA Plenary Sessions


Saturday, 13 Nov 2010

AAVLD Plenary Session – 7:50 – 11:30 a.m.


One Health: Opportunities for Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories


7:50 a.m.      Welcome – Craig Carter, DVM, PhD, AAVLD President-Elect 

8:00                  Keynote-- Human-Animal Medicine Title: How Do Laboratories Fit Into the Picture?

                          - Peter Rabinowitz, MD, MPH

8:30                  NBAF And Its Role In the Growing One Health Initiative

                          Cyril Gay, DVM, PhD

9:00                  What are the Challenges and Pitfalls to my Laboratory Participating in One Health?

                           Bruce Akey, MS, DVM

9:30                  Break

10:00                Valuing One Health:  Opportunities and Challenges for Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories

                           Tammy Beckham, DVM, PhD

10:30                When/Where/How Veterinarians Can Build Bridges Between the Diagnostic Laboratory and the Local Health Community –

                           -Tanya Graham, DVM, DAVCP

11:00 a.m.        Walk the Talk: The Center for Excellence of Emerging & Zoonotic Animal Diseases (CEEZAD) and One Health –

                          -Juergen Richt, DVM, PhD                 


Monday, 15 Nov 2010  

USAHA/AAVLD Joint Plenary Session – 7:50 – 12:00 a.m.


One Health: One Way Street Or Are There Opportunities for Animal Agriculture?


7:50 a.m.          Welcome – Steve Halstead, DVM, MS USAHA President-Elect; Lonnie King, DVM, MS, MPA Moderator

8:00                  Keynote--One Medicine:  Its All Herd Health

                           Lisa  A. Conti, DVM, MPH

8:30                  Emerging Infectious Diseases:  The Case for Integrating 

                        Science, Medicine and Public Health

                            - Gary Simpson, MD, PhD, MPH

9:00                  Producer perspective on One Health: What are the implications of being a One Health Partner

                             - Mark Engle. DVM, MS

9:30                  Break

10:00                One Health and the Environment: Improving Health in a Wicked World

 - Katie Pelican, DVM, PhD

10:30                Global prospective of One Health: Are we missing opportunities?

- Mo Salman, DVM, MPVM, PhD 

11:00                Emerging Microbial Threats: Challenges and Opportunities at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface 

                                -James M. Hughes, MD

11:30                One Health Discussion and Q&A Panel             


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Dr. Craig N. Carter

Director & Professor, Epidemiology

Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center

Department of Veterinary Science

Colleges of Agriculture & Public Health

University of Kentucky

1490 Bull Lea Rd.

Lexington, KY  40511