2nd One Health article (RE: Food Safety) published…

One Health and the food chain: maintaining safety in a globalised industry

—British (United Kingdom) Veterinary Journal Publishes 2nd Article of One Health Series 2014)—


“Good animal health status is essential for safe food, and stressed animals are more prone to disease, so the production of safe food should be a goal for all engaged in agri-food activities.”

“The role of the veterinarian encompasses many areas, including food security, animal health and biosecurity, zoonosis control, animal remedies, using animals as sentinels of environmental hazards and the contribution of animal waste to pollution of other foodstuffs and water supplies.”

“The challenge for educators is to enthuse students about the concept of One Health by making the subject vibrant and stimulating (Wall 2009).”


On Friday February 21, Veterinary Record Journal provided the One Health Initiative website an “open access” link to the 2nd article of their 2014 One Health series, One Health and the food chain: maintaining safety in a globalised industry Veterinary Record 2014;174:189-192 doi:10.1136/vr.g1512 by Dr. Patrick Wall, a veterinarian at University College Dublin who discusses how the health of food-producing animals plays a key role in public health and how veterinarians can help to ensure food safety in an increasingly globalised society.”

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The highly respected and widely read Veterinary Record Journal,, the journal of the British Veterinary Association, previously announced that “Throughout 2014, we'll be publishing feature articles written by experts in a range of fields that explore current issues in One Health, the history of One Health and challenges for the future. We hope to draw attention to this important field and stimulate debate.”

The Journal provided the One Health Initiative website the following “open access” links that were posted January 24, 2014 allowing readers to read the first article The evolution of One Health: a decade of progress and challenges for the future” Veterinary Record 2014;174:4 78 doi:10.1136/vr.g478 by E. Paul J. Gibbs, BVSc, PhD, FRCVS   Dr. Gibbs, a veterinarian, is a prominent, longstanding One Health supporter, advocate and expert on the subject—recognized by the One Health Initiative team and many others in the U.S. and worldwide.   

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