One Health Articles Published in Australian New South Wales (NSW) Public Health Bulletin Issue


The latest issue of NSW Public Health Bulletin (volume 22, no 5–6, for May–June 2011, published online on Monday 25 July 2011) contains several articles on ‘One Health’ approaches to recent public health issues in New South Wales, Australia. Each of the articles is available online (at the Bulletin’s website or via the links shown below.


Robert Hall and David N. Durrheim: One Health: much more than a slogan


Beverley J. Paterson, John S. Mackenzie, David N. Durrheim and David Smith: A review of the epidemiology and surveillance of viral zoonotic encephalitis and the impact on human health in Australia


Sheena Adamson, Andrew Marich and Ian Roth: One Health in NSW: coordination of human and animal health sector management of zoonoses of public health significance


Isabel M. R. Hess, Peter D. Massey, Belinda Walker, Deborah J. Middleton and Therese M. Wright: Hendra virus: what do we know?


Dominic E. Dwyer and Peter D. Kirkland: Influenza: One Health in action


Lin-Fa Wang: Discovering novel zoonotic viruses



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