One Health Commission (USA) Communications Committee Chairman explains his One Health Insights


April 10, 2014—“I first became interested in One Health by my long standing interest and belief in One Medicine. In that endeavor I brought together at the Division of Surgery in the Harvard Center for Comparative Medicine physicians, veterinarians, nurses, applied science faculty (engineers and mathematicians), and various medical and surgical technicians.

Our goal was to “fast track” ideas and new procedures to the bedside-----this was a sped up version of moving translational research forward to the patient. Ideas came from anyone and everyone brought something to the table on every project. The results were astounding!!!

From that experience it was natural evolution for me to think more about One Health as a worldwide platform to push the concept that the wellbeing of humans, non-human animals, and plants are all inter-connected and it is going to take physicians, veterinarians, ecologists, public health scientists and most importantly the public or society as a whole to move this along and to demand or expect that thinking and policy will be directed at threats to the Earth’s wellbeing.  

Education of society is paramount to accomplish this in a meaningful way.”


Arthur L. Lage, DVM, DACVIM

Associate Professor of Surgery

Associate Professor of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology

Director of the Harvard Center for Comparative Medicine, HMS

Director of the Division of Surgery, HCCM

Harvard Medical School

665 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

Phone:  617-432-1289

Fax:  617-432-2438

Note: Dr. Lage was appointed as the first Chairman of The One Health Commission’s (OHC) newly established Communications Committee.  The OHC operates in the U.S. with a Board of Directors and Cheryl M. Stroud, DVM, PhD is the Commission’s Executive Director.