One Health concept/approach helps ALL regardless of political affiliations (USA)!

Stent several doctors have been credited with the creation of the stent, the first FDA-approved stent was invented by Cesare Gianturco and Gary S. Roubin and approved in 1993.[9]

The coronary artery stent was recently used to treat a heart attack (myocardial infarction) in 2020 presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT)  Others that have had similar therapy include former President Bill Clinton (D), former President George W. Bush (R),, and former Vice President Dick Cheny (R)

Heart Disease, an important “One Health” approach issue for comparative medicine research...worth repeating:

“The One Health Concept: How Multidisciplinary Training and Collaboration Leads to Major Advances in Health Care” endorsement by one of the principle discoverers of the First Balloon-Expandable Coronary Stent, Gary S. Roubin, DVM, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Cardiovascular Associates of the Southeast, 3980 Colonnade Parkway, Birmingham. AL 35243 (USA)   

Notably: Dr. Peter G. Anderson [DVM, PhD], a veterinarian, was part of the team that developed the first flexible coil balloon expandable intracoronary stent approved by the FDA for human use. This monumental development occurred in the early 1990’s and now – almost 100% of patients who undergo the balloon angioplasty procedure also get a stent. These stents can be coated with drugs to help the blood vessel heal after the balloon procedure to prevent scar tissue from forming leading to restenosis.  Today the drug coated stents that Dr. Anderson helped develop and holds a patent for are being used extensively to decrease morbidity and mortality in patients worldwide.