Note: All humans, worldwide and One Health advocates need to read and see this extraordinary article and talk by Dr. Sharon Deem, the St. Louis Zoo (USA) veterinarian.

The Ties That Bind

This past year in April, Institute for Conservation Medicine Director Dr. Sharon Deem gave a TEDx talk as part of the “Think Well: HealthCare Out Loud” TEDx Gateway Event at the Sheldon in downtown, St. Louis. In her talk, “One Health: The Ties That Bind,” Dr. Deem reminds us of how the health of all life is connected. From why we need bats (think margaritas!) to how plastics in the environment may change the sex of turtles. This short video is an overview of One Health, sharing examples of how the health of all life is interconnected. Most importantly, Dr. Deem provides tips on actions each of us can do—today, right now—to help wildlife species and to care for planetary health.