One Health Day 2016 World Veterinary Association and World Medical Association - A GLOBAL EXAMPLE FOR ONE HEALTH APPROACH

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The WVA and WMA are celebrating today the One Health Day to highlight the importance of the One Health Concept as the integrative effort of multiple disciplines working together to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment.

One Health Day 2016 WVA and WMA - A GLOBAL EXAMPLE FOR ONE HEALTH APPROACHdownload doc

In October 2012, the WVA representing the global veterinary profession and the WMA representing the global medical profession signed on a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in a unified approach to tackle common health issues to improve Global Health.

The WVA-WMA collaboration plan focuses on zoonotic diseases, responsible use of antimicrobials and enhancing collaboration on education, clinical care and public health. WVA and WMA are holding periodical meetings to discuss issues of common interest and participating in the each other's events to highlight the work and progress of their profession addressing health concerns on a global level.

In the last years, the two organizations prepared and published joint statements and supported each-other on various health issues such as rabies control, antibiotic resistance and the regular availability of Ketamine (non-scheduling) and on the One Health concept.

In May 2015, for the first time in history, the two world associations organized a Global Conference on One Health with the theme: Drivers towards One Health- “Strengthening collaboration between Physicians and Veterinarians”. The event signified the acknowledgement by both disciplines, at the highest level, of the importance of cooperation between the veterinary and medical professions. The conference concluded that in order to make a difference, the health professions need to work on Leadership, Networking, Cooperation, Communication, Facilitation, and Building trust at all levels starting from veterinary and medical schools.

Following this successful conference, the WVA and WMA in close collaboration with the Japanese Medical and Veterinary Associations, are preparing a second conference with the theme: Moving forward from One Health Concept to One Health Approach to take place in Japan later on this month.

The WVA/WMA initiative encouraged a number WVA and WMA members to adopt this model of collaboration and to sign similar agreements between Veterinary and Medical associations at national level to use the One Health Approach in their countries.

Join the WVA and WMA in celebrating the One Health Day 2016, raising the importance of inter-sectorial collaboration to improve the health of people, animals and the environment.