One Health Endorsed by American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) President-elect



Provided exclusively to the One Health Initiative website June 18, 2012


“The scientific basis for seeing the biological world through the lens of One Health is clear to us as veterinarians, although not always as obvious to physicians, other human health  and public health officials.


We live in an integrated biosphere, where infectious agents, parasites and environmental toxins don’t recognize species boundaries.


If we’re to minimize risk and advance human and animal health, it’s imperative that we recognize this connectivity. The One Health approach seeks to develop a team-centered, collaborative approach between human health providers, veterinarians and environmental scientists, and it’s the only way forward.”


*Douglas G. Aspros, DVM, President-elect

American Veterinary Medical Association


*Dr. Aspros will be inaugurated as President of the American Veterinary Medical Association at AVMA’s annual convention in August 2012 in San Diego, California.