One Health Holds the Key to Preventing the Next Pandemic

             By Karen Batra, 06/20/2017


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Can we combat disease threats before they even emerge?  In the fight against infectious diseases, understanding where outbreaks are most likely to happen and under which circumstances can help us develop tools to address risk to potentially prevent the next pandemic. 

This theme was explored at BIO’s International Convention on Monday, June 19, during its “One Health Day” programming, which brought together different parts of the BIO family with sessions focused on issues linking human, animal and environmental health. 

The One Health concept examines the connectivity between infectious diseases, the health of plants and animals, the health and safety of the environment and food security issues.  All of these play a role in contributing to or controlling and preventing the threat of disease outbreaks. To be effective, prevention mechanisms need to address all of these areas and be put in place cooperatively by government, industry and academia on a global scale. ...”