Could this be a featured social responsibility priority for the New Year? It requires a watershed change in the views held by politicians, scientific communities and the public at large but there are hopeful signs


By *Richard Seifman, JD, MBA  and **Claude Forthomme, BA, MA - Senior Editor

December 26, 2022

in HealthPolitics & Foreign Affairs


“ ... But overall, the public writ large has not been guided to the longer-term’s consequences of mishandling the human, animal, and environmental nexus. 

So, there are only muted voices heard by leaders to find the resources for such a One Health approach. And a significant reason this is the case is that major media establishments have not been ready to give print, air, or electronic time to this subject.  

Indeed, there are no large regular programming, reporting high profile reporters, or talk shows that have taken this up as a holistic priority for their audiences. Media and industry often talk of social responsibility. This is one subject “missing in action” in the public space which would be of immense value to us all:  Time for media moguls, companies, and the concerned wealthy to take it on and out to the public.”

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