One Health Program Progress Report from the Netherlands


Reported by:

Arno Vermeulen PhD, Managing Director, Immuno Valley ALTANT programme, Yalelaan 42, 3584 CM Utrecht, The Netherlands

P: +31 30 253 1142 -  M: +31 6 46311342


Please see December 7, 2011 PRESS RELEASE - PDF link


... ‘One Health’: animals and humans bound inseparably together

Immuno Valley brings together research, scientists and the business community based on the ‘One Health’-concept. ‘One Health’ means that human medicine and veterinary medicine are inseparably bound together, and that therefore far-reaching integration of knowledge and expertise is vital to ensure that healthy people can live in harmony with healthy animals in a healthy environment. Bundling the knowledge of both disciplines can prevent and combat epidemics, zoonoses and new infectious diseases; one of the important goals of the Life Sciences & Health Top Sector Plan.*