One Health” is the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals, and our environment. One Health implementation’s raison d’etre is to significantly help protect and/or save untold millions of lives in our generation and for those to come.  ...


By Bruce Kaplan, DVM

Contents Manager/Editor One Health Initiative Website

Co-Founder One Health Initiative team/website

One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team:

Laura H. Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP ▪ Bruce Kaplan, DVM ▪ Thomas P. Monath, MD ▪ *Lisa A. Conti, DVM, MPH ▪ Thomas M. Yuill, PhD ▪ Helena J. Chapman, MD, MPH, PhD ▪ Craig N. Carter, DVM, PhD ▪ Becky Barrentine, MBA ▪ Richard Seifman, JD, MBA

*Deceased November 6, 2020

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