One Health: Connecting Humans, Animals and the Environment

The six-week mentored course starts on 09.10.2023.

If you’ve ever wondered whether physicians and veterinarians could work together more closely, join the open online course produced by the University of Basel and Swiss TPH. You’ll see that collaboration makes a lot of sense, saving more human and animal lives than either field ever could alone, and even saving money. You learn theoretical foundations and hands-on practical methods for planning and implementing integrated approaches to health care. The course also addresses content on global health security for emerging infectious disease threats. Globally, over 10,000 learners have already participated.

The course is available in two languages on two platforms:

Note: Dr. Crump further explains, “the mentored courses begin October 9 and end November 18. The courses on theTales platform will also remain open, but not with mentored comments, indefinitely from 19 November onwards.  Learners are admitted to all the courses throughout.”


Provided September 15, 2023 to the One Health Initiative team by:

Lisa M. Crump
Dr Vet Med, MSc
Human and Animal Health Unit
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
Tel: +41 61 284 86 77, Mob: +41 78 717 04 82
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Swiss TPH

Associated Institute of the University of Basel

Kreuzstrasse 2, 4123 Allschwil, Switzerland

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