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“The director position for Colorado State University's One Health Institute will become endowed, thanks to a $2.6 million gift by alum Dr. George "Bill" Orr ('57). The donation will facilitate major impacts for students and public health policy.

Orr graduated from CSU with a bachelor’s degree in science from the College of Natural Sciences, with an eye toward becoming a veterinarian. Instead, he completed his M.D. at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in 1962 with a specialty in obstetrics/gynecology. Orr was a faculty member at UNMC and began a private OB/GYN practice in Omaha. ...”

“...Established in 2015, OHI’s approach strives for the best health outcomes for humans, animals and the environment, recognizing the connection among them. 

“We’re all in the same world living together,” Orr said. “If we look at the human population in the last few years, the major disease processes we’ve had to face have come from animals and linked to changes in the environment. So, we need to keep an eye on the mutation of bacterial and viral diseases.”

He added, “That’s where One Health comes in. That’s through communication and coordination among those sectors that we’re able to identify (epidemics) earlier. And, to manage them when they occur.”

The $2.6 million donation includes $105,000 in resources to immediately launch initiatives. Of the 60+ universities that have One Health focuses, CSU is one of a few to have an endowed chair. ...”

SEE: Orrs’ $2.6 million gift to endow One Health Institute’s director position will benefit translational science, policy (