SEE: G20 Health Ministers' Meet Ends Without Joint Statement Due to Objections From Russia, China (

 “... The members also expressed their concerns over rising incidents of zoonotic spillovers. While the debate on the origins of Sars-Cov-2, the virus causing Covid-19, remains wide open, zoonotic spillovers — events in which virus jumps from animal to human beings – have resulted in major global outbreaks in the past.

The members admitted the need for identifying the “new and existing drivers” for such events by strengthening infectious disease surveillance and adopting what is known as the ‘One Health‘ approach. Incidentally, the outcome document didn’t say anything on the challenges to trace the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic – an issue that has generated many geopolitical and scientific theories, but is nowhere close to reaching a conclusion. ...”


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“... Out of the three health agendas pushed by Indonesia at the meeting, one pertained to advancing the One Health Declaration and implementing the operationalization of the One Health concept in real action. ...”