"Sweden has a relatively low use of antibiotics per capita and a comparatively favourable situation with regards to antibiotic resistance. This situation is influenced by factors such as a longstanding adherence to evidence-based guidelines, strong local commitment, and strategic efforts at both regional and national levels, in human as well as in animal health.

Everyone has a role to play in limiting antibiotic resistance development and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria.Illustration of the whole community.

There is broad national consensus among stakeholders in Sweden from all relevant sectors on the overarching goal of preserving the ability to treat bacterial infections in humans and animals effectively. This is reflected in the common priorities and the strategy of the Swedish government and governmental agencies. The strategy, which is based on a One Health approach, is implemented through a national action plan by the different sectors. ..."


Overview of Sweden’s One Health response to Antibiotic Resistance - The Public Health Agency of Sweden (