Important economic justification for worldwide One Health implementation...


PEOPLE, PATHOGENS AND OUR PLANET - The Economics of One Health



The report has two target audiences: (a) project planners, who will benefit from the information of the costs of setting up surveillance and control systems to be used as benchmarks when planning preparedness and control operations; and (b) policy planners at the decision-making level, who would use the information on the efficiency and effectiveness gains to guide them in the decision-making process regarding the eventual introduction of One Health approaches. This report disaggregates costs by task, making explicit those activities that are critical for effectiveness and identifying scope for efficiencies. ...


…‘the case for control of zoonotic diseases (zoonoses) is compelling’… ‘the economic losses from six major outbreaks of highly fatal zoonoses between 1997 and 2009 amounted to at least US$80 billion’ but ‘if these outbreaks had been prevented, the benefits of the avoided losses would have averaged $6.7 billion per year’….



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Note: This report was prepared by the staff from the World Bank.  Laura H. Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP was among a group of high-level experts that reviewed the first draft of this document in a two-day workshop.  Dr. Kahn is one of the founding members of the One Health Initiative autonomous pro bono team/website.


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