... The new Public Health Lab combines the very best of agriculture, animal and human medicine, food safety, public health testing, and pandemic preparedness without $1 expended in state appropriated funds. The new lab will focus on a “One Health” model, which recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to the health of animals and of our environment. Our expertise in both human and agricultural sciences perfectly positions Oklahoma to lead the way.

Its location alongside the Oklahoma Pandemic Center for Innovation and Excellence will forge a new degree of innovation and collaboration with universities, health care providers and other partners across the state and nation on research, resources and technology for the highest caliber public health response possible. ...

Oklahomans should be proud of the Public Health Lab we have built. Now, as operations kick off at the brand new lab this month, I’m truly excited to see how this shift in mindset to a comprehensive One Health model will improve health outcomes for all Oklahomans.

Travis Kirkpatrick is the Deputy Commissioner of Health Innovation at the Oklahoma State Department of Health.