“... His concluding comment that ‘Protecting the planet is the most important inter-generational responsibility we have today’ is one that must be taken very seriously by all decision-makers.   Significant steps in this direction would be reversing decades of undervaluing and underfunding (5%: 95% ratios) public health measures at the expense of treatment and increasingly unaffordable cures. Extending the meaning and responsibilities of public health to embrace not only human health and well-being but also all species is another critical advance.  In this regard, bringing human and veterinary medicine more closely together (education, research, practice) would not only reduce costs but most importantly also lead to building our capacity for ensuring the sustainability of life on earth. Over 70% of all emerging diseases today are of animal [zoonotic] origin. Covid-19  is the most recent and likely one of the most devastating pandemics  in the past century, and  to save the world from itself,  global and national leaders – regardless of  political persuasion or ideological leanings – are urged to collaborate and adopt sustainability values and measures without delay. ... “

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