Praecipio International and One Health Initiative Team Partners


Advance for Public Health via One Health



Praecipio International is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing information on disruptive infectious disease events in order to promote well-informed response.  Praecipio International works to enhance and improve global health and international security against biological threats by stimulating collaboration within the humanitarian community and providing accurate, actionable information.

Our mission

To strengthen and promote the understanding of acutely disruptive events occurring worldwide that affect public health and socio-economic continuity through cooperative information sharing and comprehensive disease event analysis, education and training.

Praecipio International has been engaged in operational biosurveillance in support of response to natural disasters and activities to control emerging biological threats.  For access to featured analytical assessments and field observations go to Reports.

For a full list of key infectious disease events the Praecipio International team has led the way in detecting, tracking and warning go to OPS EXPERIENCE.