Federation of Veterinarians of Europe 

PRESS RELEASE Bruxelles, 5 December 2018 

Dentists, Doctors and Veterinarians call for the implementation of a One Health culture in undergraduate education

Today at the conference ‘Implementation of One Health in undergraduate education’ in Paris, academics, practitioners and...

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“The professional and student organisations representing medical doctors, the dentists and the veterinarians of Europe call on academics and policymakers at national and European level to foster exchanges between medical, dental and veterinary schools under the One Health1 approach.


The organisations recognise education as the cornerstone to build their common One Health competences. The organisations believe that a true understanding of One Health requires an interdisciplinary approach. The integrated education of all future health professionals is fundamental for tackling current and future health challenges for our society.

Today, the conference ‘Implementation of One Health in undergraduate education’ is held in Paris and brings together academics, practitioners and students to exchange views on the concept of One Health. The debate identifies challenges and looks into best practices on how to facilitate interdisciplinary education for interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Council of European Dentists, the European Dental Students’ Association, the Standing Committee of European Doctors, the European Medical Students Association, the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and the International Veterinary Students’ Association remain committed partners for future actions to be undertaken towards the implementation of the One Health approach in education and practice.

Outcomes of today’s discussion will be shared after the meeting. ...”

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