Prominent Physician Virologist Researcher and Epidemiologist Endorses One Health


“In 1960, the Subcommittee on Information Exchange (SIE) of the American Committee on Arthropod-Borne Viruses (ACAV) published its first quarterly newsletter. Its purpose was to facilitate a worldwide dialogue between laboratories involved in arbovirus diagnosis and research. It became an extraordinary conduit for information, and provided much needed scientific exposure to isolated institutions. The casual format of the publication nurtured a unique network of intellectual and technical resources which was directly responsible for the rapid expansion of knowledge and surveillance.


No longer are diseases just a local problem, delineated by geographical, environmental and cultural components. The churning of large populations through transcontinental migrations recirculates pathogens which in turn adopt novel strategies.


I applaud and support the One Health initiative, which addresses all these new concerns. It creates a forum of ideas and resources, and involves dedicated individuals, as well as governmental, non governmental institutions, Academia and even private corporations. My latest experience with rabies education in Jodhpur, India, illustrates the need for such an organization.  I would be glad to help.”


Martine Jozan Work, MD, DrPH

Orange County [California – USA] Vector Control District and Foundation for Rabies Education and Eradication (FHREE) and

Submitted January 10, 2014


Note:  Dr. Work did field studies on arbovirus transmission, diagnosis and identification of field isolates and immunity studies from 1970-1991 at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) school of public health under the leadership of the late Telford H. Work, MD, DTM&H, MPH  The program was funded by a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant and included the laboratory and field training of master and doctoral students.