Thurs, March 17, 2022 *One Health was showcased in an interactive presentation about public health and our changing climate, hosted by Idaho Conservation League. SEE video:

*Note:  Nancy Chaney, RN, MS, AVES Dipl (Hon.), member of the One Health Initiative Advisory Board, begins her discussion that includes describing the One Health concept/approach at approximately 28:38 minutes and concludes at about 40:05 minutes.


Idaho Conservation League

The Idaho Climate-Economy Impacts Assessment is a nonpartisan, science-based resource to help Idaho business leaders and policymakers plan for a resilient Idaho economy. All assessment content is available online at the website

The Idaho Conservation League is hosting a 4 part deep dive series into four areas related to their climate campaign work: water, health, energy, and agriculture.

Join us for part two of our four-part series and a deep dive into some of the highlights from the Idaho Climate-Economy Impacts Assessment with Dr. William Weppner, primary care provider and clinician-educator. Dr. Weppner is an advocate for addressing both social determinants and environmental impacts of health. Nancy Chaney will provide brief remarks about climate change messaging and the relatability of health concerns, and show some examples of health organizations that are addressing climate. Nancy is a registered nurse who is affiliated with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments. She holds a master’s degree in environmental science from the University of Idaho and is a former elected policymaker.

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