CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/


 “... Joan Fusco, PHV's Chief Operating Officer, commented, "We are very thankful for CEPI's ongoing support that has resulted in this first-in-human clinical testing of our single dose Nipah vaccine. This marks a significant inflection point for the program achieved by our outstanding team and its deliberate approach to product development. The lessons learned from the ongoing pandemic reinforce the continued risk of other emergent pandemic threats. Being prepared with medical interventions is paramount to an effective, non-disruptive public health response. Our mission continues as we develop vaccines to confront these unmet medical needs with our Nipah vaccine leading that arsenal."

"Our teams working together at PHV and Crozet BioPharma to develop the PHV02 Nipah vaccine also helped to advance the similar recombinant VSV vaccine against Ebola which is now approved for use," noted PHV Senior Advisor *Dr. Thomas Monath (Crozet BioPharma). "The Phase 1 trial of PHV02 will provide the first evaluation of safety, tolerability and dose response of the live, attenuated vaccine in humans, and will determine whether humans mount antibodies neutralizing Nipah virus similar to those found to be solidly protective against illness and death in various animal models." ...”

Editor’s NOTE: *Dr. Monath is a co-founder of the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team: 

Laura H. Kahn, MD, MPH, MPP ▪ Bruce Kaplan, DVM ▪ Thomas P. Monath, MD ▪ *Lisa A. Conti, DVM, MPH ▪ Thomas M. Yuill, PhD ▪ Helena J. Chapman, MD, MPH, PhD ▪ Craig N. Carter, DVM, PhD ▪ Becky Barrentine, MBA  *Deceased November 6, 2020.