Please see “Parasites & Vectors”  articles of One Health related– Public Health/ zoonotic disease interest below.   Note: The One Health Initiative website acknowledges and appreciates the cooperation, assistance and permission to freely publish/promote references to specific One Health related articles from Parasites & Vectors by Dr. Chris Arme: Professor Chris Arme, DSc Editor: Parasites & Vectorswww.parasitesandvectors.comHuxley BuildingSchool of Life SciencesKeele UniversityStaffs. ST5 5BG    UK  Contents of Volume 2 Suppl 1 Proceedings of the 4th Symposium on Canine Vector-Borne Diseases Proceedings from 4th International Canine Vector-Borne Disease Symposium Seville, Spain. 25–28 March 2009 Publication of the supplement has been sponsored by Bayer Animal Health GmbH.   Changing distribution patterns of canine vector borne diseases in Italy: leishmaniosis vs. dirofilariosisDomenico Otranto, Gioia Capelli, Claudio GenchiParasites & Vectors 2009, 2(Suppl 1):S2 (26 March 2009)[Abstract] [Full text] [PDF] [PubMed] [Related articles] Short report     ] Short report       Short report     A confusing case of canine vector-borne disease: clinical signs and progression in a dog co-infected with Ehrlichia canis and Bartonella vinsonii ssp. berkhoffiiEdward B Breitschwerdt, Ricardo G MaggiParasites & Vectors 2009, 2(Suppl 1):S3 (26 March 2009)[Abstract] [Full text] [PDF] [PubMed] [Related articles] Wild canids as sentinels of ecological health: a conservation medicine perspectiveA Alonso AguirreParasites & Vectors 2009, 2(Suppl 1):S7 (26 March 2009)[Abstract] [Full text] [PDF] [PubMed] [Related articles] Short report     Short report     Occurrence of Rickettsia felis in dog and cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) from ItalyGioia Capelli, Fabrizio Montarsi, Elena Porcellato, Giulia Maioli, Carmelo Furnari, Laura Rinaldi, Gaetano Oliva, Domenico OtrantoParasites & Vectors 2009, 2(Suppl 1):S8 (20 April 2009)[Abstract] [Full text] [PDF] [PubMed] [Related articles]   Others of One Health-Public Health Interest:   Review     Trypanosomiasis vector control in Africa and Latin AmericaSchofield CJ, Kabayo JPParasites & Vectors 2008, 1:24 (1 August 2008)[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [PubMed] [Related articles]   Review     The history of African trypanosomiasisSteverding DParasites & Vectors 2008, 1:3 (12 February 2008)[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [PubMed] [Related articles] [Cited on BioMed Central]