Breaking One Health News!  …   For Immediate Release:   “International Society of One Health” Proposed by One Health 2011 Congress Leaders   Eminent leaders of the 1st International One Health Congress meeting from 14 – 16 February 2011 are proposing establishment of a visionary “International Society of One Health”.  Drs. Martyn Jeggo and David Heymann, a veterinarian and physician respectively, plan to include the all inclusive draft proposal statement (see attachment) in the satchels of the delegates at the One Health Congress meeting.    The all-encompassing nature of the worldwide Society draft proposal notably contains reference to including One Health comparative biomedical clinical research aspects as well as public health (infectious diseases/zoonoses) at subsequent meetings, the next anticipated being in Canada.  Promoting and facilitating expeditious better understanding of disease processes through a comprehensive “One Health” comparative medicine approach involving public health, environmental health, biomedical research and clinical medicine and surgery appears in the offing.  Ostensibly, in addition to the critical and essential public health mission utilizing more efficacious One Health principles, there is expected to be recognition of and engagement with broad-spectrum high profile human and animal health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, orthopedic problems and others.     A goal of institutionalizing the One Health Movement to provide a formal setting for funding acquisition in order to establish a host of cardinal activities is included. The International Society would be established initially by an all inclusive interim international Board as stated in the draft proposal.     Martyn H. Jeggo, BVetMed, PhD is Director, CSIRO Livestock Industries Australian Animal Health Laboratory (Australia) and David L. Heymann, MD is Director, U.K. Health Protection Agency (United Kingdom) and Editor, Control of Communicable Diseases Manual.  Drs. Jeggo and Heymann are both members of the One Health Initiative autonomous pro bono Team’s Honorary Advisory Board  At this time, expected attendance for the 1st International One Health Congress meeting is now known to be over 600.   Anyone reading this News item and unable to attend the meeting are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback by answering the questions listed at the bottom of this proposal and adding any further comment(s).  Please respond to:   Email: Phone: + 61 3 9417 0888 Facsimile: + 61 3 9417 0899 Mail: arinex pty limited91- 97 Islington Street Collingwood VIC 3066 Australia ____________________________________________   Please see Attachment for Original “International Society of One Health” Proposal Message with details.  Note: We are posting an amended version which no longer indicates that the next meeting of the International Congress on One Health would  take place in Canada. This was a misunderstanding on behalf of the Organizing Committee of this current One Health Congress.