One Health in ACTION …   Important New ‘open access’ journal addresses infection between animals and humans     Please see attached press release about:   “Infection Ecology and Epidemiology” Infection Ecology & Epidemiology is published in cooperation with the Network for Infection Ecology & Epidemiology (IEE) based in Uppsala, Sweden. Infection, Ecology and Epidemiology, IEE network is a collaboration for researchers with interest in zoonotic infections. IEE is an integration concept including several universities and governmental organizations that wish to contribute to a sustainable intellectual platform where veterinarians, physicians, molecular biologists, ecologists and environmental chemists with an interest in zoonotic infections can interact and create synergies.   The rationale is not to build up new laboratory facilities, but to use and collaborate within already established research structures.   Main partners Uppsala University National Veterinary Institute, SVA Swedish Agricultural University, SLU Linnaeus University, Kalmar   Founded: 2010   Physical location: SVA, Ulls väg 2A, 751 89 Uppsala, Sweden   Project Leader: Björn Olsen, MD, professor in infectious disease at Uppsala University and senior physician at Uppsala Academic Hospital.  Dr. Olsen is also an ornithologist with an interest in the consequences of interactions between humans, domestic animals and wildlife.   Project coordinator: Lovisa Svensson, PhD, Uppsala University